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Looks like I'll be chasing some of you ladies on the way out of this thread! Congrats to all my gals who are already seeing the 180s. After being stuck in the 194 area for what has felt like months, I saw the lord of all whooshes this morning: overnight, I dropped 5.4 pounds and saw an even 190.0! I'll give it a day or two to see if it sticks before I move the ticker, but I'm excited to get even a preview.

Going back to the pizza discussion, I do the primal diet and my fiancee have found a perfect solution for us: We use a portabella mushroom cap as the "crust" for a personal sized pizza. So yum, and way fewer calories. YMMV though, since we love 'shrooms so much we snack on them raw and plain. I also have learned not to go so hard and heavy 100% of the time. This week I've been banking calories for my special annual Valentine's treat: a heart shaped pizza from a local restaurant. We do it every year, and I don't plan to miss out on it.
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