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Originally Posted by SparklyBunny View Post
Wannabeskinny, oh I love it that you say that you're able to push away the guilt and feel the lightness that follows. I do remember reading your posts and have a glimpse on your journey.

Ironically, one of the weights on my shoulders is worrying over other people :-) I know that when I, even momentarily, get rid of those thoughts and just focus on myself, I feel the energy surging through my body and I feel so light! I think it's just focusing on what I can do and not worrying over the past or the future or other people, which are beyond our control.

By the way, this forum is incredibly supportive and nice. Perhaps people here have been through enough to have more compassion.
I'm right there with you. I tend to worry about others a lot too. Especially back in college where I hosted a lot, and was constantly working the room to make sure everyone was having a good time. The stress overload wasn't healthy (neither were the food choices) but it's been a lot easier to make better choices outside of the Dining Hall.

I'm generally a stressed out person either way. So if I'm not stressing about eating right, I'm stressing about money, life goals, cleaning, student loans, and meeting deadlines for projects. THANK GOD I don't have kids. I'm not saying that to be cruel....but I can't even imagine myself at ease if I had those to worry about.

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