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Happy Valentine's Day You can extend the love over to your friends too

Shad - take me to the open air market with you

Laura - sounds like you had a very interesting bus tour in Cozumel. I think those tours would scare me unless I knew something about them. I always imagine rickety buses wheezing and rocking their way up steep mountains loaded with people and chickens Glad you got an interesting tour guide.

Michelle - I hope you got some sleep last night. Why is it with insomnia you toss all night and then 2 hours before you need to get up, that's when you finally fall into a deep sleep, just to have to wake up all foggy and tired feeling?

Annie Annie - come out from hiding where ever you are. How was the Kiwanis meeting? Did DS take stock of all that got stolen?

Hi Susie hope your work day is more like 8 hours instead of 12.

Can't hang around - gotta jump in the shower and get ready for my doctor's appointment. I am not looking forward to the cold rinse after washing my hair but I really like this color so I will work to try and preserve it. Have a good Valentine's Day and a good weekend...
Why torture yourself, when life will do it for you? Be the best you can be today - be mindful with your choices. aa

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