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Red face Food Allergy Elimination Fatigue? (Not wheat belly, but close).

Hi there, I just turned 25 last month. I've been an athlete my whole life (not a super athlete, but definitely active). In between activities, I've always struggled to keep weight off. Now I've zeroed in on a food allergy, which I've been told keeps me from eliminating food properly. Here is the long story short:

For about a year, I gained weight at a rapid pace...resulting in a total of 80 pounds in 1 year (well, actually less time than a year). Had a traumatic incident in January 2013. Attributed some weight gain to grief. But by April 2013 I was at 200 from 160...something had to change. And today, I am 224. (Highest was 234).

I cleaned up my diet which wasn't bad before, doubled exercise (not all in one day) but nothing worked. I went to two doctors, took a bunch of blood tests, and both wanted to put me on birth control and see what happened. (I didn't...hormones always came back fine...never seemed like a good idea). Actually, one accused me of binge eating. They were virtually no help.

Fast forward December 2013...went to a Chiropractor (all my pain was gone! I thought I hurt from the weight gain...turns out, hip was way out of place...haven't had pain since). She convinced me to do food allergy tests.

I have always thought you had to have hives and crazy stomach pain to be allergic to food (or intolerant...not sure of the correct terminology). But I was off the charts allergic to dairy, wheat, and some other things I was eating to be "healthier". (Eggs, bananas, peanuts, garlic).

Two and a half weeks into allergy elimination (started January 26) and I've lost 10 pounds. The first week I had headaches, diarrhea and other "withdrawal" symptoms.

My question is...have any of you taken out toxic foods? What was your experience? I can't find information on how long fatigue should last. I know everyone is different, but I'm feeling a little crazy being this tired. (Going to bed at 7/8...feelings like my limbs are heavy, really struggling at the gym). I've stopped heavy work outs, but I feel like I should keep walking, at the very least.

I feel so much better in other ways. My thinking is clearer, my moods stable, no food cravings. I haven't felt hungry, I'm eating lots of veggies, plus meat, fruit, rice...all in a 1500 calorie a day set. I just feel so tired!
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