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Originally Posted by jdpgolfer View Post
It's as if being fit represents a certain attitude and lifestyle. I want to maintain my current outlook and priorities for life AND lose weight.
That's an interesting statement. I sometimes feel the same way: I don't want health and fitness to define me. I've always believed health is a means, not an end. I also view the pursuit of health as a morally neutral choice rather than a righteous one. If I were to lose my health tomorrow and, say, be wheelchair bound, I would still retain my core and still be able to do the things I love most, such as writing and learning languages. I also don't see myself as a health evangelist or health pusher. I retain a few health vices.

For all that, I'm more committed to my health now, at age 57, than ever before. Nothing extreme: just maintaining a 50-pound weight loss, eating "mostly healthy," and exercising 3 hours per week. It may be because at my age, health is no longer an abstraction. I'm fully aware I could lose it any day, so I'm prepared to devote a modicum of time to it. Perhaps you can cultivate a similar attitude?

Regarding vanity, I still have mine and it's certainly part of the reason I choose to maintain at a relatively low weight for my height. I'm also married, and my vanity isn't aimed at attracting the opposite sex as much as attracting general admiration for my physique. I'm irrationally proud of having a flat stomach and pronounced waist at age 57. All of which is to say: you may still be able to tap into your vanity if it helps motivate you. Just look for a different angle.

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