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The senior doctor in the practice at which I have been a patient is obese. He looks to me at least 280lb. He has six doctors and a few nurses in the practice, yet the combined training of all of them can't make him lose weight.

About two years ago he told me to go and lose weight. When I asked him how, he said "I don't know, but if you ever find a diet that works, is palatable and sustainable, let me know."

I then lost 31lb low carbing and wrote him a letter setting out exactly what he should eat to get the same results. However, I imagine he is unable to bring himself to follow the diet, because it flies in the face of the UK govt official warnings against fat and meat.

Every bit of diet literature available in the practice preaches high carb eating. They gave me some new booklets just a few weeks ago, all funded by the British Heart Foundation, and they were full of the same old same old ... eat lots of pasta, potatoes, fruit, juices, rice, bread... but eliminate fat, which clogs your arteries.

Interestingly, when I last went to the practice I was seen by a woman doctor from Hungary who was exactly the same size as me, that is, about 350lbs.


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