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Good Morning, Flowers! It was 16 degrees when I came downstairs this morning! Wow! We've had a light snow which has quit and the sun is shining now. I'm guessing we got a 1/2". Today is my lunch bunch and I'm making my last, I hope, WM run just before. This afternoon we are heading to Sioux City for a SAMs and Penneys stop, then supper with Beth and family. I did find all the dolls but think there may be some more clothes for the Cabbage Patch dolls. Lots of boxes and church rummage sale stuff down there. I WILL get rid of it ALL when I get home!

"Gma" -- On the GREAT report from your doctor! I'm so happy for you! It's nice that you can prepay so much of your cruise trip. We were just talking about food and meal expenses. I just paid for our whale watching trips, 10 of them, so the whales had better be there! Beth give things to a women's shelter but we don't have one here. At least not that I know of. I hope Jay and Alicia get to leave in spite of the weather. I'm sure glad I'm not trying to go to Atlanta!

I need to double check my WM list and get going. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday!
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