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Abbi, that sounds so discouraging. Do hang in there, though; like Sum says, sometimes the effort and the scale just don't seem to be in sync. Who was it that made a great post about graphing your weight loss in order to look at the bigger picture and the overall (downward!) trend in order to put things in perspective? Anybody? I have such a dodgy memory!

Sum, I'm American, but I have lived out of the US longer than in it now. Where in Switzerland was she living?
I envy you your inch-loss. I am soooo uneven it's really discouraging. My upper arms are still so big, I'm wearing a size (or two) larger than I would need to for my torso, and the "upper bulge" on my stomach is much, much smaller, but the lower one hasn't shrunk at all and it looks ridiculous now in comparison! Well, I feel a lot better than I did a year ago, and am doing my regular walkies again, which I'm sure is building muscle and burning fat

Jenn, that's a good question about the skirt. I don't know how fast you're losing weight, but my gut feeling is you don't want it hanging in your closet for too long because 1) it can start to haunt you if your progress isn't as quick as you'd hoped and 2) if it hangs around for too long, it's not as new or special any more, if that makes sense. Also, not trying to demotivate, but your body shape may change a bit too; what I mean is, the skirt may simply not suit you, even though it would be the right size. This is the voice of experience- I bought some super-cute 3/4 jeans to motivate me, lost the weight, the "fit," but just looked awful on me. Eventually I put them in the charity bin without ever having worn them because they got too big!
An alternative might be to cut pictures of skirts you like out of catalogues and make a collage or pin board and set aside- no idea of skirt prices in the US- 5 dollars for every pound or something? You could treat yourself to a new one every 20 pounds or so? Just a thought...

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