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I pace.

It's the only way I've found to both manage my depression and manage my life. Instead of getting on the elliptical and forcing myself to "WORK" out (which feels horrible and punishing), I just fall into a certain mindset, and pace.

The bedroom, the living room, the hall, the basement...doesn't matter. Just back and forth.

The motion of going back and forth puts my mind into a kind of forward-moving trance, which gets the blood flowing, and somehow that blood must make it to my brain because after that, I'm able to do other things. Also, the trance mode of one foot in front of the other, repeat, repeat, turn, repeat, repeat, turn again...mollifies the feeling of overwhelm. So, things like cleaning a disaster of a house are no longer impossible.

30+ years of treatment-resistant depression have forced me to find weird ways of coping.
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