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Good afternoon ladies. I put on a bra for the first time today and am doing ok with it pretty much. I used an all cotton bra very much like a sports bra except it has hooks in the back. It has helped with pain when getting from a sitting to a standing and walking position. I am pink and yellow pretty much now with just purple around the incision area. Now that the coloring has changed I noticed that the incision is quite long so that may be why I am having a longer adjustment period. I just have to take it easy I guess.

When I went into the women's center to have the wire inserted I had no idea what would happen. I assumed you would lay on a table, but they put you in a chair that rolls that looks just like a hair salon chair and pumps up just like one and has the foot rest. They roll you up to the mammogram machine and put you in the vice as I call it and take picture. There is what they call the paddle that is the plastic part of the mammogram machine and this one had holes in it. They then clean the area and put you back in it with
the holes against the skin, your arm is slung up over the machine and the radioligist is below me, using a marker to mark where to insert the needles from looking at the films, then films again, then back and forth until they have it right. You have to sit completely still and my back and hip was spasming something awful from having to sit forward and my shoulder was killing me from having my arm slung up over the machine. She then shoots you full of lidiocaine, more pics, then starts with a long needle, which in my case meant two needles, more pics to make sure they are exactly right then puts a wire through the needles into my breasts in the two areas, more pics then removes needles if wires are in the right place. This took about an hour. I was in agony by the time they were done, but she told me she had never seen a woman sit so quietly and not move the whole time even when she put in the lidocaine, which stings. I just wanted to be sure it was in the right place. When you have surgery then, the surgeon goes in and cuts a circle of tissue around where the wire is located and then takes out the wire and sews you up. Not pleasant I can tell you and she says it is no guarantee I won't have to go through this again sometime if the calcium comes back or my pathology, which she should call me about tomorrow is malignant. UGH!

I am up a few lbs but not surprising since I haven't cooked much since coming home and a lot of take out. Jack has been doing everything for me and refused to let me stand up and cook. We even had waffles over the weekend, which was great and he has been doing all the clean up. I am back to my regular eating and starting to do at least part of the cooking in the evening. I eat light for breakfast and do most Lean Cuisine and veg and fruit for lunch so it isn't a lot of standing either.

Our tax refund will be deposited tomorrow so I will then pay off the cruise, the excursions and the specialty restaurants along with the hotels if they have advanced pay options. I have reservations with senior or aarp rates but will change to the advance pay when they offer it. I know the one hotel is offering it now. The more I can pay stuff in advance, the better I like it.

Maggie: Picasso was an odd duck and quite a womanizer I believe. Some of his stuff I like, but most of it I don't care for. One of my favorite paintings is a Salvadore Dali painting, "The Persistence of Memory." It is the melting clocks painting. He was once ask is the painting represented Einstein's theory of relativity and he replied, "No, it is the surrealist perception of a camembert cheese melting in the sun." I believe paintings are always subject to your own interpetation no matter what the painter thought when he or she painted it. I read an article a while back about Adam being lefthanded because of the painting "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo he is pointing his left hand. Brother how dumb is that. I doubt there is anyone who ever saw whether he was lefthanded or not!

Jean: Wow you are like Indiana as you can't seem to get a break in the very cold weather. We are cold here today and have had some snow, but nothing that has stayed more than a few short hours. I just want spring to get here. Sorry to hear about the church mess. Are you going through Beth's old dolls???

Well gals, just wanted to let you know I am still kickin.' You all have a good start to your week. Faye
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