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Good Morning, All...

Made my weekly egg casserole and had a slice for b'fast... yummy! And I made a batch of Valentine's cupcakes (put the marble behind the filled paper, to make it heart shaped) and will drizzle them with chocolate icing. Since I don't use oil and just had two eggs left, instead of three (sigh), the consistency is heavier and the calories are much less. The taste is not affected. I even put a couple of drops of red food coloring in the batter, so they're quite a lovely pink!

Laundry and other domestic duties are on the agenda.

CK and I are still reporting our weight daily to each other, and we're both doing pretty well. I'm down 8# since the first of the year. And! I heard a news report last night that TWO consecutive days instead of one day free each week works better. Well, that's just music to my ears! I'll try it and see.... LOL

Nothing to report. Not warm, but not cold here... much better on the hip!

OtherDonna - wowsers!!! Are those kids all yours or are you a blended family! I am filled with admiration and awe! (BTW, I'm Donna, too....)

KarenFL - soon... soon... soon!!

Rosey - yes! pictures of your craft room, PLEASE....

Hope you're all doing well. Later, lovelies!

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