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Default Hubby's wt loss and our menu

Morning Girls: Well DH weighed himself yesterday and of course he is down 4.3 pounds, 0.6% fat, and upped his hydration level by .5% after 5 days. I'm very proud of him although I caught him sneaking a handful of almonds (his fave snack) last night. Still, he is doing very well on his first & hopefully last wt loss journey. Our only problem is that he has NO imagination for breakfast and can only think of big bowlfuls of cereal - which got him in the trouble in the first place. Today he had a piece of 12 grain toast with almond butter on it and a cup of greek yogurt with a few berries plus his usual 2 cups of coffee with 2% milk & stevia.

He seems to have trouble with the idea that you can still have a relatively large volume of food as long as it's the right kind. He thinks that he has to reduce the volume to lose the weight. So hard to convince him that sometimes I get cranky.
Anyhow, here's yesterday's menu (shown as single serving)

BF: 2 C coffee (his single/single, mine black) 3 egg omelette with 1/2 c celery/onion/peppers topped with Cholula hot sauce. He had a piece 12 grain toast too.

Lunch: 2 Schneider's Cheddar Smokies for him (they aren't gluten free so I had 3 small sausage patties) in a homemade spaghetti sauce of 1 1/4 c brocc, peppers, tomato sauce, and onion on top of 1/2 pack of Shirataki noodles. Also had 3/4 c of shredded cabbage coleslaw with vinaigrette (homemade w EVOO and rice vinegar)

Dinner: 6 oz basa filet topped with Cajun spices from Epicure & baked in oven, 1/2 a yellow pepper and 1/2 a red pepper stuffed with 1 c of cauliflower and onions prepared with curry powder & a bit of butter for flavour (baked beside the fish.) Small banana for dessert.

Snack: Handful of raw almonds (for him) and Sleepytime tea just before bed while we watched a movie.

As noted before we are cutting down the starchy and sweet carbs to help reset his pancreas and reduce insulin resistance in the cells.

Hope your day goes well, all.
We are off for a week on a trip to the Kootenays for a family wedding... we'll see what the scale looks like when we get back, but we're gonna try to stick to plan as much as possible. Wish us luck and strength lol

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