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Starting over sucks.
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Silentarctic I know exactly what you mean, I actually panicked a little when I realized that I was getting really close to having so many choices! I have a while to go before I'm out of the plus size sections anyways!

Fi Why on earth would you want to be tall??? It isn't all it's cracked up to be, believe me! Grass is always greener I suppose!

Betsey Nursing a sick loved one is akin to moving mountains, its HARD work! Hope your brother in law feels better soon!

Not quite back on plan yet, I've been out the last two nights. My mom was down and she leaves today, so hopefully I can behave myself until Friday, when I once again have to go out. After that I should be good for about two weeks until the first of March when I take my nephews to the Mickey Mouse concert.

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