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Morning every one

My patience is running thin with my company, but I know she's stranded. And we got snow last night but only a couple of inches. She's taken over the kitchen and she's not the best cook as she has always bragged she is. I'm letting her do everything, using reverse phycology (sp) to see if when the next clear spell we have she'll go home. And no I'm not sweeping the snow off her vehicle. I'm not her mate. She's a bit lazy.
Think I woke her up yesterday morning but I needed to get some things washed. She sleeps a lot.

I've blocked people on FB as well. One my friend who is always' posting religious stuff. and another who is always posting pictures of animals. It was taking a long time to down load all this stuff. If you are getting advertisements tell it it's spam.

Thanks for the information on the educational classes. I'm going to look into that.

I've been wanting a sleep study done. I'm ready to go back to work.

That's a lot of shoveling for one person to do. Think I would invest in a snow blower.
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