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Originally Posted by Hiker88 View Post
Lisa I know it must be frustrating but I bet you're happy that you're down 95 pounds and have kept it off for a significant amount of time! You are a great resource on this forum and we appreciate your contribution

Although you want to go that last few pounds.... please enjoy where you are and how great you look right now!
15-20 lbs is more than a "few" but thank you. I want to be in normal weight range but my new focus is to accept things as they are right now and to quit fighting it. I keep going up ~5 & back down 5 but not below 165 (not even to the 162 I saw before). 150 would put me barely into normal BMI. I know BMI can be inaccurate for folks with lots of muscle mass but that surely isn't me.

Step 1 in acceptance is to go back to daily weighing and work on my acceptance of that number every day. If course, the last 2 days it has gone down, which is easier but it will be a daily practice.

I did my saved wii fit yoga routine yesterday and am amazed at how much easier it was than just a few month ago. I'm stronger and have better balance. The gym and PT exercises are working! I'm going to a yoga class at my gym this am. I have to choose the ones that aren't quite as hard.
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