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Hi Twins!

I had a pretty good day, I was very satisfied with my workout and I was under my calories by quite a bit, unintentionally, even with oreo cookies Got some goodies from the amish at the Reading Terminal (like a farmer's market) today. I haven't had anything from them for over a month now, and I just love their treats. Pies, cakes, pastries, mmmmmm . Last time I got some huge raisin cinnamon buns, this time, I got some apple dumplings --hey, it is part fruit--don't judge me . Used and will be saving these treats for a later time--pretty sure they will have to be ate in portions. I can't imagine how many calories would be in one....

Daimere That would suck to be sick on your week off. Even if you end up being sick though, I would suggest that you plan an uber "Bed Fest". I would get some movies, temporary Netflix subscription, and Hulu too for tv shows. I would watch every movie and season of every show I missed or never had time for. Buy some good jammies, socks and slippers, the more goofy and girly looking sets are my choice. Need something to make you smile when you are miserable. Then plan for the treats you will have during your hibernation, stuff them in your pillow and under the bed, I call them "surprise snacks"--"oh I forgot I grabbed these!". Throw in your drugs of choice, some "aah soda"--Seagrams ginger ale for me, music for all your expected moods (better work on those playlists), and you will be fine. Oh and for me, I would not be without my laptop--you get the idea, over now.

SamanthaAngela At first I thought, I wish someone would give me a Bowflex, but then I thought what the **** would I do with it. That brand always has pretty intimidating pieces of equipment, probably would go unused at my house too.

lalaes TOM is on it's way for me too, we both will be seeing how we fare...

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