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Default confused about right amount of protein, carbs calories

So I just started my weightloss journey, im 5"8 and 260 ish is what im guessing I was 275 when I gave birth 9 months ago. Anyway what iam doing is basically paleo without fruit, hoping to keep my carbs between 50 and 100 by eating plenty of veggies and protein. I was under the impression that you cant get enough protein when on a low carb diet but I recently realized my portion sizes of meat were too large and wondered if I there was a limit to the amount of protein you eat when trying to lose weight. Lo and behold turns out there is, aparently too much protein can impeade weight loss . So basically my question is whats a good target range for protein? I know id like to keep my carbs under 100 as close to 50 as possible. And I think id like to keep my caloriesat 1500 to 1700. Id really appreciate your guys input! Thanks
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