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HAPPY...I found the ugli fruit to be more on the orange side, sweet, and very very juicy. I didn't even taste grapefruit in it. It is not something I will stock up on tho, just the ONE I bought was 2.49, kind of a splurge reward for me. This one was orange and green equally. Hence ugli Ugly orange/brownish, and green/dirtyish. I hate to see you go on FB, I know there is a lot of drama, but I try to see past it. I did delete of few of the drama queens and one gal that used to work here is athiest and made it known. What you believe is your own thing, I do not care, but do not try to get me to come over to that way of thinking or make me feel badly for not. Young gal, hippish, gypsish, has not worked since she got fired from here. Making and selling strange looking jewelry. Whatever floats your boat I guess. I am as picky about bathrooms as I am buffets and hotel beds...yik.

Got a text from Laura saying she thought it was MELLIE's bd, it is not until March 7. Just FYI.

Later gaters


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