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Evening gals. Just a short post as I am pretty sore. This was definitely not a pleasant experience. It might not have been so bad for someone young, but it is tough when you are old. I will explain the next time I post though.

I just wanted you all to know I was home and ok, actually came home yesterday afternoon, but yesterday and today were pretty rough and I have been on pain meds, which make you sleepy all the time. Pathology report won't be available until Tuesday, but I will let you know what I hear when I hear it. Hopefully tomorrow I won't feel as bad. The whole left side of my left breast is a bit swollen and totally an very ugly purple from the surgery. On top of that being left handed and it being on the outside instead of inside of my left breast, I rub it all the time with any movement I make with my left arm and such. I also have a tight shoulder blade from the surgery too and it feels like there is a big knot in it.

Talk to you gals tomorrow I hope. Faye
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