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Well this is my take caldawag.

Firstly i want to say that it is refreshing to see someone with a weight problem who doesn't have self esteem issues. Its great you are a strong person and happy with yourself. You have been blessed to have a good family.

Anyway, here's my take.
don't go on any sort of fad diet. Don't do the high protein thing.
You seem not to be a binger or a junk food junkie so just keep on eating what you normally do and eat less of it if its just a case of eating too much.

But i do recommend you learn about nutrition from a nutrition BOOK, not the web. There is so much misinformation out there in the world. Ask the librarian at a library to recommend something or otherwise go with the government dieticians, although i disagree with them about low fat dairy.

Anyway, figure out your maintainenance calories from an online calculator. Its quite easy to use myfitnesspal and there you can count your calories as well if you wish.

Keep a food diary and list everything you eat, quantities as well. Just cups and spoons levelled off for most objectivity or otherwise good set of digital scales. I know its a bit of a pain but you can ditch this once you get familiar with how many calories are in your food.

Another option if you are an aussie, or brit, is to buy the CSIRO total wellbeing diet book which means you don't have to count calories because it has a good simple system of counting them for you.

however, don't restrict your calories too much because while it may be easy in the short term, it will catch up with you if you lose too fast and then you will get it all back and more.

Once you've figured out your calories for maintenance, just reduce your intake to a little bit less than that. Maybe aim for something like 1/4 kg per week. You will lose fast in the beginning but it will slow down after a bit. My fitness pal can do the calculation for you. And its a calculation that is based on losing weight over time. e.g. i can eat 1650 calories per day with no exercise to lose 250g per week. I don't get hunger problems. And if i do some exercise well its just an extra bonus.

After a time most people start to get sick of doing exercise. Or your routine changes and then everything falls apart so although its great to exercise and get fit, don't make your weight loss dependent on it. If you decide to stop going to the gym etc, you must adjust your calories downwards.

And don't start counting how many calories you burn at the gym. That's a recipe for disaster because there are no accurate measurements for this. Do not make every calorie count.

If you eat healthy sustaining food, you will not be so starving that you are rushing after every spare calorie you can afford.

Also as i said keep a daily food diary. List everything, every tsp of sugar and ever glass of beer or wine. Do not be shy either. We've all done worse than you probably.

Don't delude yourself. things like diet drinks and health bars are not really healthy and they won't help you in the long run. Just eat real food.

Also although i'm a veggie you might like to see what i eat in my food diary to get a sense of how much i can eat each day. Depending on your height, you should be able to eat a bit more than this.

I am currently 74kg and 165cm tall. I"m also 50 so my metabolism is slower.

Distribution of proteins carbs and fats is about 25proteins/ 55 carbs/15 fats and my fitness pal shows you how you are going with that.

If you keep a food diary, people can set your right easily if they can see you are struggling with choices. But best of all you can look back and see where you can tighten up.

Also lots of people on the forums use water to help. It really does help. You don't need to force yourself to drink 8 glasses but you can use water to fend off a bit of premature hunger or to fill you up and its a good substitute for whatever you normally drink that's full of calories.

If you take it slowly you have a better chance of keeping the weight off long term.

This is a learning process and you will probably make mistakes, make some slips and go backwards on occasion. Don't despair. Remain positive. Everything is resolvable if you want it to be resolved.

Good luck on your journey and go easy on your friend.
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