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Hi all,

Sorry I didn't get in earlier. Our older cat Meadow had been barfing a bit and at first we didn't think much of it .ie occasional hair ball. She has longer hair and is still kind of skittish so you might get 8 passes at her with a brush if you are lucky. However late in the evening she was really sick - we found a couple of spots and Wednesday morning we were horrified to find a huge clump of blood in the litter box as well as more messes on the floor. We had to catch her and get her to the vet. Nina had problems with too few bacteria in her digestive system and apparently Meadow has too much. It's just the way they are - looked much worse than it was. They gave the poor girl an antibiotics shot, some fluids because she was dehydrated and another shot of some kind. They also clipped her nails as she is not in the mood to let us do it. Once we knew she would be ok, we were able to relax a bit (I had feared for the worst). As they were giving her an IV the fluids build up under the skin (as happens with cats) and she started to develop a large bulge at the neck which resembled a hump back. She already has protruding eyes which DH calls Marty Feldman eyes. With the hump back she was a perfect I-gor (from the movie Young Frankenstein).

She came home and hid under the bed most of the day but finally came out and had a bit of food and a drink. She is relaxing now on a special soft bed I made for her. Her sister caught one blink of the cat carrier and disappeared all the while DH was gone. She sat with her sister a bit, not sure if she was concerned or just wanted to chase her around as usual. $300 vet bill we did not need this month as the insurances are due as well as taxes so it's a short month with large bills. But we are both glad she is ok.

Then I had to fuss around and take care of some bills, question some credit charges and make sure I got 2 refunds that were due me. I watched American Idol for the first time in several seasons and I'm not sure why. That show doesn't hold the appeal to me it once did. Not that I watched it either but reading the press all over the internet I am again disappointed in The Biggest Loser Winner. A girl who was 5 foot 4 or 5 foot 5 lost 150 pounds and dieted down from a size 20 to a size 0 at 105 pounds. I am 5 inches shorter than her and I once weighed 106 pounds and was too skinny so I can't even imagine what she must have looked like. It's not about responsible weight loss, it's about who can pull the most tricks out of their bag to win the $250,000 at the end of the show. They get really big contestants with a lot to lose so someone who has 60 pounds to lose has no chance of staying on the show and now they are back to starvation, dehydration and holding your breath when you get on the scales for maximum loss. It's just wrong in my opinion and downright dangerous. I heard they are thinking of changing things in the next season and I hope they do. And that's all I have to say about that. It's supposed to be bitterly cold tomorrow - a high temp of 0F. I have my yoga class in the morning and then I have to walk to the thrift shop for my afternoon shift. Brrrrr. Not looking forward to that. Thursday is DH's birthday. He is 64. I don't know how he got so old I made a nice bbq rib dinner tonight that he enjoyed - I would not have had enough time to cook it tomorrow. He can have the left overs if he wants something fancy again

Annie - thank you so much for the cookbook. I love your comments and I enjoyed looking at the recipes. Thank you that not all of them are spicy and I WILL be trying a few. What a great idea! I'm sorry you had so much shoveling to do - I heard it was awful. At least you burned enough calories for the week but please take care of your back and your foot - is the cold bothering it much?

Shad - they changed the home page on 3FC - didn't change the content much, just the fonts and some of the graphics. Being naturally suspicious as I am, I too was a little off put when I entered the web address and saw the new page (hacked?) but no, just a spiffed up look. Glad you are back logging on MFG again - I agree - I have had things like the Chinese buffet where I just have to wing it for guestimating calories. Do what you can. Happy homefront - hope you get a lot done in your trip home. Glad to be out of the rain and wind?

Susie - you be careful too with that yucky weather. Trying to clean snow with ice on top is a real bear. That's really scary about DH not having his blood tested - guess that's a good reason why it's better to keep checking things, especially if something could have been detected earlier and alleviated time, expense and WORRY from you. I agree with your thinking on the TOPS meeting - consider it a reprieve and do well this week so that you have a happy weigh in next week.

Ceejay - one of the things I have had to accept in my last job and even here at the thrift shop is that people are not going to be as conscientious as you would be. Yes, they are going to have their heads buried in their cell phones and will be ignoring the work they are getting paid to do. Sometimes there will be problems, most often they will get a finger wag if that. You have to let them suffer their own consequences. It's the "new normal" now and I think it's a sad state of affairs but it's the way it is. Just do your job, keep your tracks covered, teach him the right way and thank God that you will not have to work under him for the next 10 years

Michelle - I'm sorry to hear of your friend's early retirement - sometimes when things like that happen, it's like having to face your issues head on. Hopefully you can find some words of encouragement for him. Glad it's finally raining - ok yes, I am running a loop of "It Never Rains in California" over and over in my head. Glad I like that song. I'm surprised they didn't have more seminars in Milwaukee. I agree with you, I would not like the Chicago seminars because they could be anywhere across the city and suburbs and who wants to drive in that?

I agree with the others, Laura picked a great time to go on vacation. Hope she is having fun.

Time for me to hit the hay. Have a good night all.
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