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Originally Posted by Ruth Ann View Post
I always love reading your exercise plans! So varied - I envy you all the energy to do those!
Awww, thanks Ruth Ann! That means a lot to me!

I am a huge gym rat, but also have realized in the last few years that exercise isn't making a dent in my weight loss. I had a personal trainer for awhile that was shocked at the effort (heavy lifting and cardio) I put in for the little losses in weight. Last year my weight never really moved until I started IP while still training with her.

We have a TERRIFIC group of ladies and a few guys (all shapes and ages) that are all at the gym for 6am classes. The owner of the gym does a couple of 4 month long boot camp classes throughout the year. They are varied enough that we actually get excited about the next one coming up (different focuses, different classes, different themes). Right now the class was split between 2 months of lifting and focusing on pushups, pullups, etc. and two months that focus on cardio... but it focuses on boxing moves and jump roping. Yikes!

Anyway, mentally, I need to go to the gym. I deal with the slower losses. I do try and tone it down a little while on IP... I know that I don't need to go all out for the whole 60 minutes and I'm learning to be okay with that! But getting to the gym in the morning is my sanity. I wouldn't stop it for the world.

On that note, Wednesdays are my day off! Ha!

P1 Reboot, Day 36 - Vegetarian, IP and Alternative mixture

B: 3/4 scoop Syntrax Nectar Vanilla Bean Torte with coffee
L: Protidiet 'Chicken' Flavor Soup pureed with 1c. zucchini, romaine salad with 1c. cucumbers, EVOO and ACV
S: Protidiet Pancakes
D: 5 slices Tofurky Oven Roasted Slices rolled up with 3 egg whites/1 egg and 1c sauteed zucchini, romaine salad with 1c cucumber, EVOO, ACV

Gym: Nope! Late night of SOA and sleeping in!

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