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Originally Posted by stephascope View Post
Omg I wish I had no appetite. I am PMSing and craving all sorts of bad stuff. Had all 3 packets already today including my restricted Chocolate Brownie. Also had a big mug of Candy Cane Lane tea which helped a bit. Going for coffee with a friend soon so hopefully that will help tame the beast!

I can't help but think your loss of appetite has to do with the tension between you and your DH? Hang in there!
Hopefully coffee helped. I always find if I distract myself, I forget about the hunger.

Sarahbell, so sorry to hear what you're going through. Do what makes you happy. I'm not married but I live in the same town as my parents and witness their ups and downs. Usually my dad gets frustrated with how my mom spends money when it comes to health. She is always looking for ways to improve herself, be it a way of eating, vitamins, exercise, etc. Anyway, she orders all of her vitamins online and he gets frustrated because he doesn't think she should 'waste money'. THEN the sly fox starts taking them himself and now my mom has to order double! She laughs because they've been married almost 35 years and he's always been that way. Basically, I'm trying to say that she has gotten to the point where yes, they are married, but she is going to do what makes her happy and usually (hopefully) her spouse will follow behind (knowing that it'll benefit in the long-run). If your DH is like my daddy, he just has a hard time admitting loss or defeat....sorry that was so long!
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