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Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
For all those who are struggling when the weight loss numbers do not fall as you might like = please read and reread Lisa's advice and that of Ruth Ann. It is so important that you understand and remember what they have said.

I have struggled with the issue in the past and yes, these past weeks I have been frustrated when the numbers do not fall like I think they should.

What I can tell you is that even with the lack of numbers falling, my size is definitely falling and changing. I have started going religiously to the gym and I am very careful to stay 100%.

So when the scale doesn't do like I want, I go try on clothes that I am waiting to be able to fit - they slide on like butter on a hot griddle (OK, couldn't resist the food analogy!) That feeling of a skirt or pair of pants just zipping on up is great - the zipper doesn't catch or snag, just gliiiiiides up over my hips and back end!

Ultimately, what I want is to feel good and look good. I remind myself of that on those tough days, look at the pile of clothes going to the thrift store, and then at the next outfit I am going to try to wear! (Currently a beautiful pink denim skirt is hanging out for me to see).
This is an excellent self analysis and emphasizes that the addition of exercise after your body adjusts to IP is helpful and the scale is so NOT the best and only indicator you are being successful....And getting healthy!

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