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It's beginning to look like..... Well, thank goodness not Christmas again but it is snowing. One channel says 1-3 in. the other says 3-5. I say we'll just wait and see!

Karen- be very careful going to Little Rock Tuesday, it's suppose to be even worse down that way. Hope it doesn't get bad so your DH can get his surgery and hope all goes well with it.

Rosey- I watched that episode of My 600lb Life also. I felt so sorry for her, she was trying so hard and her husband was being such a jerk! Did you see the one with the man named Chuck, he was the one that was trying to lose weight and so belligerent towards his wife. She finally left him, that turned his rear end around! He started working harder to lose and win her back. She did come back and he was trying really hard to be nice and help her around the house. I guess we all have struggles in our lives.

Well have an awesome Sunday and Dag Gum that ground hog!!
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