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Originally Posted by Suebee50 View Post
Down 23 pounds in one month. Ideal protein works.! Can't say every day is easy, but one of my biggest successes was going to a book group last night prepared with seltzer water and no carb snacks. Missed having a glass of wine, but know that this phase is temporary and once I meet my goal I will be able to have a little wine now and then :dust.
Excellent! Congrats on your loss and your success at book group!

Originally Posted by canadjineh View Post
For more information go to this link on Sparkpeople (reputable site) Although it is true that there are no carbs (or at least less than one) in 1.5 oz of Scotch or Vodka your body will process the calories from alcohol first and everything else gets stored as you-know-what. Alcohol also lowers inhibitions even in moderation (that's why people use it to relax) so that little snack you are offered might get rationalized as OK when we all know it's a slippery slope.

I hate to sound so negative and yes I do use alcohol in moderation (I like fine scotches, good wines, and real potato vodka) but I'm not using it right now while I am carb counting because I know what it does to blood sugar. Part of the problem for alcoholics is a blood sugar issue that sets up the cravings or need for alcohol. NOT accusing anyone who partakes, just stating some facts
Great points! And I agree whole-heartedly with the statement that a drink could lead to off-program snacking, too. Having a drink while trying to follow the program is a very personal choice, so just be aware.

I find it very strange, too, at how my tastes have changed with regard to wine and alcohol. I used to LOVE various types of white wine and sweet mixed drinks. I enjoyed milder reds, too (shiraz, malbec, red blends...) Now, I have tried a number of different white varietals, and they do not taste good to me. I think i am a red girl all the way! (I am not at all upset about that LOL)

Originally Posted by nolasmurf View Post
Hi all here's some pics from the fashion show we did atwork this week. Talk about a doozy of a weekend!

Had a small loss this weekend. .2 lbs
Oh well hoping tha means a whoosh next week.
What a cute pic. You look fab, and the dress is adorable! Congrats on your loss, too. Any loss is good.
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