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ANY calorie and carb restricted diet will tend to cause or increase temporary hair loss in many dieters ... it probably depends on how overweight you were and genetics

still you wont go bald but you might notice more hairs in the sink and tub esp after about month 3 to 5. Sometimes the increased hair loss continues for a month or two AFTER you go back to a more normal diet ... but eventually the hair loss slows considerably and all hairs (or at least 90 to 95 % of the hairs) grow back. So it's just temporary!

This should be a great motivator not to Yo-yo ... because if you gain the weight back and then diet again ... you will go through this cycle again.

If you freak out over hair loss ... lose the weight (once) and keep it off by whatever means it takes

To me, I will gladly trade some hairs for a thinner and healthier body.

Honestly what we all should be freaking out over is what the added fat and weight is doing to our bodies (our liver, heart, kidneys, joints, spine, etc) and not so much about how many hairs we are finding in our sinks and tubs. Nobody is going to die from hair loss, but being obese will kill you or at least make you pretty sick (eventually).
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