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Originally Posted by Lolo70 View Post
Unrealistic expectations are the best recipe to set you up for failure. Not knowing what has to happen to lose weight (not glycogen/water) will fuel impatience, then disappointment, then counterproductive actions. A serving of oil more or less will not solve your problem, because the problem is all in your head. Weight loss and keeping that weight off! is not easy and magical, not even on IP, it is hard work and takes time and determination.
Hmm. I usually find this forum to be very supportive and understanding. I'm a little surprised that you're so quick to diagnose that it's "all in my head." I know what it takes to maintain a heathy weight. I've done it my whole life. My two IP experiences have been to lose baby weight. I do think a little tweak here and there make a diffence on this plan, that's why we are all very careful to read labels, figure out % from fat, etc to maintain the right balance for fat burning. I never said I was looking for anything "magical," just input on what may be making my experience this time different from my last. I have the willpower and strength to do this, thanks anyway for the warning.

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