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Good morning, ladies! 18 degrees right now.

We had 7 inches of snow yesterday evening and during the night so once again everything is closed. It's not supposed to get above freezing until Friday so there won't be much change.

Nothing happening but keeping warm and safe.

Faye, it's good not to have any bills. I only use a credit card for emergencies or to purchase from Amazon and then it's paid off the next month or as soon as I can if it was a costly emergency.

Jean, I played in the school band and orchestra and the Ohio Youth Symphony and it was so much fun.

Maggie, it seems like you were just talking about going to KS and here its time to move on. I don't know how much of my quilting stuff I could part with before the stress got me but it sure would be nice to see the country.

Have a wonderful day.

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