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Originally Posted by GettinHealthyNow View Post
Thank you everyone for all your responses and validating that I am not wrong to be upset about this.

I did say to her last night that I was taken aback by her attitude and didn't understand why my weekly losses should be taken as a "strike". She is away on vacation next week and suggested that I just take the week with no WI as a time to "reflect on my goals". I said no - I wanted to WI with one of the other coaches (there are three of them) so she said fine I could meet with one of the others who perhaps could "discuss my situation further". I then got quite ticked and said "Frankly, I don't see that I have a situation here at all - and I'm getting angry so had better leave now". And we left it at that.

So I've got my next WI on Saturday with another coach (5 days between WI instead of my usual 7). Will see how that goes.

Thanks everyone - as usual you are all so helpful.
Wow, she needs to take some time and reflect why she's a coach. I'm sorry, I am still mad about this.

If it was me I would speak to the don't deserve that kind of treatment.
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