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Good afternoon gals. It is cold and windy here and even got some snow early this morning, but nothing stuck thank goodness. It is in the teens with windchill single digits. Hopefully Jack can stay warm and cozy in the shop today.

I have all the house cleaned except for dusting and sweeping and mopping floors. I am debating about the floors as Jack is going to get up in the ceiling and cut out a chunk to fixt the vent so there will be fuzz from the dryer vent and plaster all over the place more than likely. I may wait on it.

I was hoping I might get the turtlenecks I bought before Friday so I could wash them and wear one on Friday, but looks like they won't get delivered until at least Friday. We are supposed to get more snow showers tomorrow and possibly Thursday so we shall see about that. Guess I will just get one of my sweaters and wear that on Friday since it may still be cold.

I need to get back to working on my knitting stuff, especially the sweater so I can get it done. I knocked over a can of coke zero and spilled some on the finished piece, but just wiped it with a wet cloth because I want to block the pieces together so I don't want to wash them separately.

We were at Lowes over the weekend and kind of scouted out countertops, appliances and such. The guy who runs the cabinet and countertop section was trying to get us to open up a Lowes credit card and I stopped him and said, "No, my husband is not far from retirement and we are trying to pay stuff off not get more." He wanted to tell us the whole spiel and so I let him. I think he thought I would change my mind. I let him finish and smiled at him and said, "No thanks, when we are ready we will pay cash." I wonder if they get a bonus or something for getting people to open accounts. If we were younger we might, but I don't want a bunch of bills when Jack retires. You never know what might happen. We will keep our one credit card with the credit union, any car payment we might have, the homeowners insurance and property taxes, and the maintenance fees and that is it besides things like utilities and such. If Congress has their way they will cut Jack's military retirement and you never know what they will do with SS so best to just get things paid off and leave it at that.

Jean: My poor kids in Indiana are having a time of it. They have at least 2 ft of snow and are expecting another foot or so of lake effect, which is bad snow. They also have below zero temps and real dangerous wind chills as the wind has been blowing upwards of 50 mph. My sister said she couldn't even see the road behind her house, which is just a few yards from the back door. It is so bad that yesterday everyone had to be off the streets by 7:30 PM or face a $2500 fine if caught. Even my dil, who works for a hospital and is the pharmacist in charge didn't go to work today. She said it has been taking her about 2 1/2 hours to get to work, which is normally about half an hour. They even closed I-94 because after the huge accident was cleared up they still had so many slide offs, the trucks couldn't get through to plow.

Maggie: Glad you like your new haircut. The place I go is very industrial looking on the inside, but has the best paintings. Bright colors and unusual subjects. The floors are concrete and they have their electricals and such that pull down from the ceiling and each person has a sears big rolling tool box for all their supplies. It is pretty cool.

Well gals, I am freezing sitting here by this big window. Have a great afternoon. Faye
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