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Hi GettinHealthyNow: Talk to the owner, without the old coach being there and get yourself a new coach. Once you do that, speak to the old coach with dignity and tell her that you feel she is not a good fit for you as a coach so you have gotten another one. Do not bring yourself down to her level, just speak calmly without blame or namecalling. If things get really desperate and you want to leave the clinic, enlist the help of a friend as coach. Give her the information on the 4 phases (google online) and work it by checking in with her weekly. A quality scale that measures body fat percentage and hydration and bone mass according to your age and workout levels cost me under $70.00
But first take a deep breath, count to ten, and say out loud to yourself "I am in control." You can emphasize whichever words you need to for the psych, good luck with this!

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