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Originally Posted by ChaloJ View Post
Just a couple more gut-it-out days and it will feel a bit easier. The other thing besides tea that helps me is Nuun, 2x a day. I am so excited for you to get into ketosis!

Yesterday was a great day for me, after my lousy Sunday. Got back where I was before my road trip. Whew! I am on that Onederland brink again. I am so excited to feel droopy pants, roomy shoes, baggy bras, stick arms...Sometimes I live so much in the anticipation that I have to remind myself to breathe.
I think the 2nd day back is the hardest because I'm starving today and still another day or 2 till I'm in ketosis. On top of that we are kind of stuck in the house today because of the ice on the roads. Schools have been closed and they are saying don't drive if you don't have to. I took one of our dogs out this morning to pee and I slipped on the ice and fell on the poor dog. I'm sure she is wishing I hadn't gained back so much weight.

Here's to droopy pants and baggy bras again. Can"t wait too!!!
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