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S/C/G: 188/185/164

Height: 5'8"


I had a better drop today! I don't know if it will keep going at this pace, but I have my fingers crossed.

Week 28:
1/25: 171 Cheat Day
1/26: 173.5
1/27: 173
1/28: 171.5

Today's Meals:
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, a teapot of green tea, Mio water
Lunch: large veggie salad with rotisserie chicken, chopped walnuts, raw sunflower seeds, and ranch dressing, Mio water
Snack: a handful of almonds, Diet Dr. Pepper
Dinner: crockpot meatballs in bbq sauce, cottage cheese, a teapot of green tea, Mio water

Today's Exercise:
Morning: Leslie Sansone 2-mile indoor walking video

Rennie, I forget what brand the probiotic is, but I get it at Kroger. It might even be Kroger brand. I just can't remember. I just know where it is on the store shelf, lol! When I get it again, I'll post the name of it. It's -10 degrees today, so I don't think I'll be going to get it today, lol!

Steph, oh no! Is the Fitbit completely destroyed?

Gary, you are so close to that high school weight of 165!!! I bet you'll get there this week! What are you going to do once you reach it? Is that your final goal? Are you going to start maintenance then?
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MAINTENANCE GOAL: Keep slow-carbing!

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