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Good Morning, Flowers! It's another cold day in my corner of the world; -8, -23 wind chill with an 8 mph breeze, and sunny. The flag across the street is barely moving so I was surprised at the wind chill factor. It's supposed to hit a high of 10 degrees. We met the kids for an early supper at Pizza Ranch last night and then went to Ian's concert. They did well considering they just got their instruments this fall and have practice twice a week. Parents were thanked for their support and asked to stand, then the grandparents were asked to stand also. I thought that was a nice gesture. We were on the road home by 8 so it wasn't too late when we got home.

Maggie -- Glad you have your computer back and it's working the way you want it. You can get that pound gone in no time. You know what to do, the trick is to do it.

I am dressed and need to declutter the kitchen island before I do anything else. I think there must be a magnet there that attracts "stuff" when I'm not looking. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday!
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