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Originally Posted by Bellamack View Post
I don't see one fruit or veggie, you should have 5 servings a day, if you do you might be more satisfied and not binge
I used to eat all fruits and some veg. My favorite "diet" foods were local fresh plums, apples, pineapples, cantaloupes, melon. They made up a big part of my breakfast and snacks. Here and there I'll eat a banana but lately I haven't really had any fruit in the house. I do eat veg every day, but not as a main serving, maybe included in a recipe. I had rice with broccoli and carrots yesterday. I stopped buying fruits because around the muscle head communities they basically slam you for eating fruit because it's all "bad sugery carbs". My old personal trainer even told me not to eat an apple before work outs.

Aside from that, I think I'll just try things slowly. Maybe substitute this for that and attempt to eat clean, whole foods. I might take starchy carbs down a little. I noticed I bloat like **** if I have too much bready foods or too much salty food.

Ideally I'd like to keep a window of eating open from first initial hunger to about 8pm. I'll keep my breakfast and lunch the same but maybe in between have some greek yogurt or a fruit. I'll try to replace cookies with a couple pieces of dark chocolate. Seemed to help me last time I had a cookie addiction. If I get the need for sweets I'll have a fruit or a decaf coffee perhaps? One step at a time? And stay on here on the daily so I'm motivated?
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