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Its hard to be positive. I always see the glass half empty no matter what. I don't think I'll ever like what I see in the mirror.

But going in admitting its going to take a while could help. I might weigh every other day instead of constantly. Maybe if I keep my portions and snacking down it could help as well instead of CUTTING everything out. I've done calorie count.... I've done macros, TDEE, 1200, BMR, cardio, weight training...

I suppose an average day might look like
Breakfast, cup of coffee with 2 sugars and some cream
Lunch-1 piece of toast with 2 scrambled eggs
Dinner- anything from pizza to ramen, sometimes excessive portions AND/OR
Dessert- Cookies... usually like 6 of them T__T cookie addiction.

If I do snack its usually goldfish crackers or nuts. I'm terrible at work though... I work at an adult family home and we get to cook for the ol' folks...and homemade bake and cook stuff for them. Much nomms.
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