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Yes, I agree, attitude is #1. If you are obsessing about being thinner at any cost, then the task becomes monumental and desperate, so of course your will want to soothe yourself by binging, then punish the binge by starving. If you make a solid plan to gently lose the weight and accept that it'll take a little longer than you might expect, then I think you'll have more success.

Lifting weights/being active and starving doesn't work. Not only will you lack energy, your body will burn out and you'll binge - and possibly leave yourself open to injury, which will stall your desire to be active.

My advice would be to do some research on how many calories your body needs on an average day without activity (that's your BMR, you can find websites to calculate it)...then build your menus based on your caloric needs as an active person (TDEE calculation will tell you how many calories you need to maintain your weight at "x" activity level, again, you can find lots of calculators online). Also, gradually get active (if you aren't), because jumping in too fast, again, leads to burnout too.

Of course another option is the great range of diets out there, lots of different eating plans to choose from, so check them out too. Lots of folks have great success on them.

And of course, take all this with a grain of salt. Our bodies do weird things based on water intake, temperature, if we're sick, lack of sleep, time of day, and for women TOM...

This could motivate you more than the idea of starving yourself. Also posting here is a good idea.

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