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Good afternoon gals. It is chilly, chilly, no more like downright cold here today. I am ready for spring!!

I did laundry, dishes and nothing else today. I sat and finished a book and started another one and played Candy Crush. Sheesh you get addicted to that game. I am stuck on level 100. I get close then boom!

Jean: Hope Bob is all rested up now. I too hope we will get decent neighbors. I am pretty sure we will get decent ones on the other side if the family who lives there now ever moves out. They aren't bad though we have had a couple instances with their washing machine too, but at least they fix the problem. I really love my little Ipad. The screen is bigger, but overall is the same size as my Kindle so it fits in my kindle holder, which is nice. It is like a leather book cover so really protects it nicely.

Maggie: No I don't feel I need the separate keyboard. I do fine with the one on the Ipad. I hate the one on Jack's laptop though. Glad you are finally getting things fixed up. I am with you about going outside. We do have errands tomorrow to run so since I am not Samantha and can't twitch my noise and go from place to place I guess I will have to try and bundle up.

Susan: I hope you are getting back on track to wellness. We sure do worry about you.

Everyone have a great weekend. Faye
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