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Originally Posted by IPRound2 View Post
Crazy food dreams started last night. They were so real. I was devouring a box of Turtle chocolates. I don't even like them, and in my dream I even thought that. "why am i eating these, i don't like them and i can't even taste them. Omg, i have eaten 4, i am so out of ketosis". Thankfully I woke up and realized that I really didn't inhale them.
I'm still stuck at you don't like turtles. What????

Originally Posted by lighthouse101 View Post
Good morning, all. I'm done at 3 today too and am going to drag my butt to the gym, even though I am so tired and ready to be done with this week! Keep telling myself I'll feel better after the workout.
I'm having the same gym problems. I prefer to work out before work and had planned a turn-around after the new year but got a nasty virus that is STILL sapping my energy & causing me to prefer to stay in a warm bed that to brave arctic temps.

So, I'm stuck with after-work and I'm the QUEEN of excuses. I do best if I head there directly after work, do-not-pass-go, do-not-collect-$200.
So, I pack my clothes & take them with me. The other day I forgot to take a snack & used it as an excuse to come home and grab one. MISTAKE. Now the snack is getting packed in the gym bag.

I did a light workout yesterday & didn't even really feel better afterward. But I know in the long-run it is better for me.

I MUST get outside on Sunday when the arctic chill is going to clear for a day or two. Hoping for some sunshine, as well.
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