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I've sort of hit a rough patch. I think I'm self sabotaging.
My body looks pretty good at the moment and all of a sudden, I'm happy with how I look and I'm less inclined to be thin. I carry the weight pretty well and fit into regular clothing. Not sure what to do... I think I'm going to try and slow down the loss to give my skin a break. I DO want to lose the weight for health reasons, I know I weigh too much and it isn't good.

That being said, I have, more or less, stayed within my calorie range. Haven't logged onto MFP for a couple of days but I am pretty repetitive with my foods so I know what's in most things and I measure out of habit.

Diamond_girl - Don't let it get you down, you've got this!

Robisa - that sounds super stressful. I hope you find your groove with your new routine soon.

Silverfire - Keep at it, you're doing great

kaarin - Well done! Indian food is so, so bad for you unless it's altered to make healthy. Lots of carbs, ghee, nuts, cream. I love it though, I have to make sure I portion control the curry and no butter naan or rice.

NewKate2014 - I hear you. I'd like to think I'm a pretty awesome baker, it's one of my few skills. I had some friends over for morning tea yesterday and it was totally my downfall. Everyone else felt pretty guilty, too, but it was worth it.

edoetsch1 - Happy Birthday!!! Glad it was a good one

Seemyfeet - No new scale here, either. Wii fit from day 1 so that's what I'm sticking with. I'm concentrating on lbs lost, then ultimately I'll switch up scales and find my "true" weight.

mstopher - That's awesome! My husband is 6"2 and 250lbs, he loses much easier than I do and his calorie allowance is around the same amount, even though he's not actively trying to lose weight at the moment & I doubt he's looking at the cals. I just remember from setting up MFP for him.

SweetCurves32 - Welcome back!

Restarted weight loss journey after reaching my highest weight ever - Nov 12 2013

- 10lbs - Dec 6 2013
-20lbs - Jan 15 2014
- 30lbs & Onederland- March 10 2014
- Overweight BMI- March 11 2014
short term goal - weigh 175lbs by June 2015

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