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Originally Posted by alaskanlaughter View Post
my DH has had surgery to repair a torn meniscus on both knees although not at the same time, about 2 years apart I think....he had an initial appointment with a bone and joint doctor, a follow up MRI and then a scheduled outpatient surgery shortly after in both cases...both surgeries were quick, he was able to stay awake with local anesthetic and was home the same day....recovery was quick also and he was on crutches for less than a week....

my DH does not exercise and did not start anything else after either surgery....both issues started with a fall that twisted that particular knee...he also has arthritis in both knees but the surgery made no impact on that
Thanks, alaskanlaughter. I appreciate your feedback. Your DH's experience was very similar to my brothers' and what I've read on line. For me, if I do need surgery, I want to find a surgeon who has a vested interest in seeing his/her patients resume their normal activities, not just walking.

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