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Originally Posted by Kimmie in AZ View Post
Ya - you could eat raw.

As a newbie, one thing that helped me is finding out that it is ok to have chicken broth. The 99% fat free one. Helps with headaches & dizziness. I've been trying to use all the prescribed salt but I guess I wasn't hitting the mark. Off-topic but thought I'd mention it.
Thanks much! Today I've been feeling light headed and no energy. Although I think I've had enough salt(one of my favorites) I'll try the broth as well. TY

I'm also using my 2 Cup glass measure, which is 16oz, yes. Is this ok to measure out my veggies using this?. I'm sticking inside the 2C line

I also noticed that if I cut up my veggies into smaller pieces, I get more into my cup.... Anyone else notice this?
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