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Wow, gretel you guys have a generous maternity leave! I'm getting better with not being so freakishly worried, but I have nightmares sometimes that bring up fears I didn't have before.

Ishbel, sorry about your tooth! Tooth pain sucks, especially when you really don't have any pain killers. Ice packs?

I work 32 hours a week at a desk job, not sure how maternity leave will go yet but my boss is very understanding and has basically just left it up to "we'll see how things go," and mentioned working from home partially, which is very nice. My legs are killing me today, and they were last night. I get restless legs when I have too many sweets past... it seems like 4 pm now. Only got up about two times last night, which was nice compared to the usual 6-7 times. I've already got a bump! I have to kind of flatten my stomach out to see it, but it's definitely there. I started feeling the babies move about 13 weeks and it's been pretty fun, my husband even was able to feel it the other night. (They say with twins you feel them sooner, and I believe it!)

Sometimes I wonder if things have really sunk in, some of my friends from church have been telling me I'm handling things really well (when of course they're not in my neurotic worry-filled brain), and then part of me wonders how I'm supposed to be handling things other than how I am? I haven't freaked out yet or had a complete mental breakdown *knock on wood*. I recognize this will be a lot of work, and to me it's just the next exciting step in life, not something to be freaked out about. It kind of bothers me that the first thing many people tell me when I say I'm having twins is "That's going to be a LOT of work!" all the time. I get some people have the notion children are easy and things will be rainbows and daisies, but I'm a little more literal and realistic with things, and sometimes I just want someone to say "Congratulations, that's so exciting - I'm sure you'll do wonderful, here's my number for when you want a nap." ... Is that so much to ask for?? :P
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