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Originally Posted by finallytime View Post
Went for my W1 weigh in today! I was nervous but hopful. Down 9.8lbs and 15.25 inches!!! I am so pleased with myself and IP. Never expected such numbers
Good job! that is a fantastic first week!

Originally Posted by Peggypip View Post
I'm peggy - started IPD on 1/2/14. Really glad I found this! Thank you all for your posting; the help. Lost 7lbs first week and none the second. Discouraging!
I have good and bad days, but so far have not cheated. I'm On my way! My first business trip since starting; any suggestions for eating at airports?

Did you lose inches the second week Peggy? Inches are just as important as pounds. And it's not unusual to have a "catch up" week. TOM, stress, sodium, etc. can also all play a part. Hang in there, it will happen.

I have avoided airport food! The one time we have flown while I've been on IP I took a baggie with cut up veggies and had my shaker cup and just sat in the waiting area and had my lunch before we flew.

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