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Getting smaller everyday
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These are great and inspiring! I think the most rewarding this past week is people really noticing and even acknowledging that I've lost weight. Even people at work that I don't really talk to or may not notice noticing me have come up to tell me what a great job I've done or how great I look. I'm nowhere near done but it's great to know that it's finally showing on the outside.

Not feeling like the absolutely fattest person in the room. I'm still plenty fat but I don't feel like I'm the shamu whale and everyone else are stick figures. It's hard to explain.

Being able to pull up and zip a size 22. I'm fairly sure they didn't fit correctly because they were midrise and I never wear those. My 24s are getting too big so I should be fitting in those shortly.

I'm 27 and no one can believe I'm over the age of 21 and I was scared that as I lost weight that would go away, but if anything I'm starting to look younger. By the end of this I'm going to look like I'm 5! lolol!
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