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Originally Posted by Avalon1957 View Post
Still on my much needed phase 3 break and have been able to maintain my weight loss which is fantastic

Five months on no-cheat phase 1 is a long darn time ... LOL

Still eating mostly turkey and vegetables and herb tea for liquids .... But not so calorie restricted

The main thing is I feel healthy (after dropping 80 pounds) for the first time in years

I guess now I've gone from having a health motivation ... to having a pure vanity motivation ... to lose additional pounds. But at least I don't feel like I'm going to die if I don't lose more weight.

Blood sugar is normal, blood pressure is normal, cholesterol is normal ...
my doctor is calling me healthy
And in December said I'm no longer diabetic

So I'm in a pretty good place
Congratulations on your success!!! Ditto what Schenectady said. Enjoy the mirror, savor how great you look in your new wardrobe!
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