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ON the support note....all those people who don't support you or are skepticle about the diet, once they notice you are loosing wieght...they all shut up and then watch they will do it too because it is sooooo easy!! That has happened to me twice do far!

I love being a vet tech, it is dang hard work and the pay isn't so great but the rewards FAR outweigh the negative. I have a great boss too so that helps. 10 years is a long time to work at one place, I recently got a job I start at next week that makes more $ and better bennies, cause I have to work only part-time now that I have 2 babies. But I love my other job so much and the clients and their pets....I worked my new job out so I can still work at the cliinic 1 day a week. PLUS I have soooooooooo many pets I need my vet discount!!! My BIG word of advice is the most important thing is to learn how to talk to people especially when they are in a stressful situation, they need to teach all of the students is a must!!!

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