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Originally Posted by jendilly View Post
Are there any alternative bars or other "ready to go" type foods (not drinks) that are unrestricted? I have some trips planned and I think taking bars is going to be the easiest way to get my food in without having to stop and make something. Traveling while on IP is making me nervous as I just don't know how I'll get my veggies in, let alone be able to make the IP food work. I know it's possible and I'll make it work. Just thinking ahead.
A couple of the health smart cereals are unrestricted and good for snacking dry
If I remember, there's a protidiet white cheddar snack thing that is unrestricted too (need to confirm this though)

If you have the chain Flame Broiler, their chicken bowl with all veggies (no rice) is really good. Lots of cabbage and broccoli (just avoid the carrots)

Also Boston Market has a really good Mediterranean salad, just get dressing on side, I use 1/2 ACV and 1/2 their dressing. Yum

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