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I am just about to reach 220 from 285 last May. Eliminating bread and pasta, lowering carbs is the best thing I have ever done. I have plateaued a couple of times but it has been steady down. And I feel amazing. I am also running now.

At a basic level it is still energy out more than energy in. But I don't believe it is ever just about calories. Before cutting out grains, especially wheat I was hungry all the time. Now I eat fewer calories but I am more full. So how my body uses calories and 'feels' about calories is not the same.

I personally have continued to get less and less hungry. Sugar detox was best thing ever. I haven't reached goal which ultimately is around 180 because of time. Also I do still eat out a lot. I have more good days than bad though and 65 lbs in 9 or so months is fantastic by me. Lowering carbs for me is best thing I ever did.
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